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Information Super Highway

I'm not talking about the innernetz.  I'm talking about people's mouths.  With the help of the internet, it's easier than ever for people to keep tabs.  Yeah, you think your Facebook page is private, but it takes only a single person to relay a single piece of information and before you know it, the one person you'd like to avoid knows just as much about you as your best friend.  So do you live in a cave?  Do you cut out every single person who may possibly come into contact with the person/people you'd care not to have dealings with?  Do you ignore it and continue as though the person/people you are trying to avoid are not *right there* next to you?  What do you do?

*Day 84:  I am grateful for my awesome neighbors.  🙂


While we’re on the subject…

    "Tracy" and I talked again last night.  She called me because she was angry, and at first, she was crying so hard that I thought she was mad at me for blogging about her situation.  Once she calmed down, I figured out that was definitely not the case.  Here's the gist of it…

"You're right.  I've never said anything mean about "Carla" in my blog.  Why would she think that now that we're not friends, I would?  Honestly, that would be the only reason I could see for her reading my blog.  I mean, we're not friends.  She called it off because she was angry.  I even tried contacting her several times in the last few months and she's never even E-mailed me to tell me to leave her alone.  If it doesn't bother her that we're not friends, and she honestly doesn't care about me any more, why IS she reading my blog?  I'm not going to password protect shit because of her!  While I wish she would stop reading, I can at least keep her from commenting by blocking her IP address, and she can read all she damn well wants, but it won't upset me any more.  Now I know why you blog the way you do – I didn't get why you didn't use people's real names, but seriously, this is stupid.  It's MY blog.  MINE.  MY thoughts.  You don't like what's here, stop reading!  MY blog.  Not changing it.  *humph*"

Just like that.  Sort of.  She did help me write that if it make it any better.  So anyway, do you read blogs written by people with whom you are no longer friends*?  Why or why not? 

*We're not talking about strangers, or people you've never met, or blogs you've found because of similar interests, tragedy, etc.  We're ONLY talking about people that you were once friends with, but no longer speak to or have any sort of relationship with any more.


Do you read blogs written by people with whom you were once, but are now no longer friends?
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Innernet rules?

    I had a very in-depth conversation this week with a friend who blogs.  I didn't even know she had a blog until we had this conversation, but she's had it for almost 2 years, and I consider us pretty close friends.  Anywho, back to the point.  This friend, whom we shall call "Tracy" for the moment, recently had a falling out with another friend, whom we shall call "Carla."  (I do not know Carla, so I only know what's been filtered down to me.)  About 2 months ago, Tracy installed one of those nifty IP trackers on her blog because while very few people besides herself ever read her blog, lately, she started getting weird E-mails and comments.  After tracking IP addresses for about a week, she got the bright idea (from yours truly) to cross-reference the offending commenter's IP address with her IP tracker.  Lo and behold!  It's Carla!  Here's where we need your help…

I say she shouldn't password protect her site (her family reads her blog and they're not technically savvy, nor patient) because it is just that – HER site.  If Carla really doesn't care about her, she shouldn't be interested in her life, and she should leave Tracy the hell alone.  If Carla doesn't want to be a part of her life, she doesn't get to keep up with her via her blog. 

She says that it's public, so she feels like she can't E-mail or call Carla and ask her to stop reading her blog, but also knows that if she adds the password, her family won't read any more.  While she doesn't blog for her family, it's one of the best ways for them to "keep up" with her while she attends college out of state…

What do you think?

What do you think?
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I have always hated the "sins of the father" thing.I don't think it's fair for children to be punished for their parents' wrongs.I guess, though, in some cases, that's sort of unavoidable.

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