I don’t believe in resolutions. You can change at any moment. So while the timing coincides, we’ll call them resolutions, but really they’re more like healthy reminders. 🙂

1. You are a motha’ fuckin’ duck. Water off your back, bitch, not skin.

2. When you do get skinned, never let ’em see you cry.

3. Sing in the shower. Who cares who’s listening.

4. Keep the batteries out of the scale. It’s been good not to report to that bitch twice a day.

5. Be honest about your feelings with a select few friends. Those that have done that for / with you are worthy of the same in return. They’re grown-ups and they can take it. If they can’t, they’ll tell you, but that’s what they’re there for – to help carry the load.

6. Let them help carry the load.

7. Let them help carry the load.

8. Never… never let *him* see you cry.

9. Anyone who sings “Little Things” to you? Run away with them and never look back… at least not for a long weekend.