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Just Tell Me

It’s been a month since your nasty seizure episode.  In that time, we started Keppra, weaned from Keppra, sent out a test for Celiac and a few other sensitivities, and have started chiropractic care.  Thus far, we are seizure free.  Thus far, I am seeing positive changes in your overall attitude and responses to your world.  Thus far, I feel good about our decision to take you off the medication that removed your sense of self preservation and made you react as though every tiny thing that did not go your way was the end of the world.  Thus far, we are still holding out hope that it is either Celiac disease causing the seizures and therefore, removing gluten will keep you seizure free, or that this is a form of epilepsy you will outgrow with no lingering ill-effects.

I’m not the praying type…  But if I were, I would be spending just about every damn second on my knees, praying more than an answer than anything.  It’s the indefinite I struggle with.  Just tell me it’s Celiac.  Just tell me she will never outgrow it.  Just tell me.


How do you follow the path when you can’t see it?

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Been listening to a lot of Elton John lately…

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