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     After about 3 months of a playroom whose walls were covered by Kilz and nothing else, we finally decided on a color scheme.  The wall with the fireplace will be roughly the color or Behr's "Cornerstone."  The opposing wall will be Behr's "Gulf Winds," and the two adjacent walls (the walls with the big window and the door) will be Behr's "Rejuvenation."  I'm not normally an adventurous interior designer, but finding colors to match the brick while not overhwelming me or underwhelming me was harder than I thought.  The blue and green in a suggested scheme, but not quite the shades we chose.  We altered it to better suit the brick fireplace.  I hope it comes out the way it looks in my head…  Or better.  That would be super.  It would really suck to be stuck with colors I don't really care for…  We'll see!  Pictures when we're done!


More Claims…

The van won’t start.  It just clicks.  It moved it 2 hours before I tried to start it and failed, so I doubt it’s the battery…  They insurance company is towing it to the dealership.  The first $100.00 of that is free.  Anything beyond that is on me, so let’s hope that costs less than $100.00 – it’s a 22-25 mile trip…  Once they get there, I have no idea what’s covered, what our deductible is, blah blah blah…  I have gone over-through- our warranty about 8 times and I still can’t figure it out. 

The roof estimate was $10,000.00  That’s double what we were expecting, thanks to our realtor.  Had I known it was going to be that much, I’d have asked for more at closing.  $10,000.00 is a helluva more than we were expecting to have to put into the house in the next 2 years.  Our home warranty covers leaks, but not the roof in its entirety. 

Today is not a good day.  We’re missing play group because we’re waiting for a tow…  I am thanking The Force that DH and I had enough sense to spend his enlistment bonus on a car that’s paid off and reliable.  Then again, we thought the van was reliable – the damn thing is 2 years old.  Lemme tell ya – it’s the first problem we’ve had, but if it turns into something huge, there will be hell to pay at the dealership.  I’ve done everything by the book with that vehicle – maintenance schedules, tune-ups, good tires, you name it.  I’m not spending thousands or even a single thousand to get a car back on the road when I’ve had it for 2 years and it wasn’t even in an accident.  We shall see…

I’m not very happy this morning…

DH is kind of pissing me off, too.  He seems to think that the roofing estimates were too high because I am a woman and they’re trying to rip me off.  He wants to re-do the roof with his dad and brother and save half the cost…  I’m no rocket scientist, and maybe I’m just falling for the contractors’ lines, but they’re not roofers.  If something, The Force forbid!, goes wrong, I like that 25 year warranty.  I like knowing I can call them 24/7 and they’re going to fix it.  I like knowing that the companies I got estimates from have been around for more than 10 years.  That tells me that I stand a good chance of having my 25 year warranty honored.  If DH and his family does the roof, it also voids the leak protection our home warranty offers.  If we go from a roof that needed to be completely re-done, to a new roof, we have to show them our contracts with the roofers so they know we didn’t do it ourselves.  Once we touch it, they won’t insure it.  From a business stand-point, I understand completely.  DH is dragging his heels.  I know it’s a lot of fucking money.  I just balanced the check book today.  I know we don’t have it and I know just how long it would take us to get it.  Don’t fucking tell me you think they’re dicking me over because I’m a woman.  I’m a woman, but I am not a sucker…

Good Riddance!!!

       Our last bill from our former gas, water, and sewage company posted today…  Drum roll, please…  Four hundred and sixteen dollars and ninety-seven cents…  Service dates from February 17th to April 4th…  A month and a half…  48 days in which all laundry was done on the boat, or in cold water only…  48 days in which half the time the heat was off due to unseasonably warm temperatures…  48 days in which the house was a balmy 60 degrees even when the heat was running…  $8.69 per day for water, sewage, and gas… 

          I am so glad we are done with those ass hats.  You can’t ever get a real person on the phone, and when you do, they’re only some stupid company thats bills for the provider – no one you talk to knows a thing about or has anything to do with gas, water, or sewage production, maintenance, or distribution.  Piss poor customer service, exorbitant rates, and irresponsible price hikes…  GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE!!!  I am sure working with city government and their respective providers will be a breath of fresh air after dealing with these ass clowns!

Settling in…

     It’s not perfect, but it’s closer than it’s ever been.  Almost everything has found a place in the new house, with a few random things left over.   Comfy, but still needs work.  Woot!


I am totally declaring Shenanigans on our former supplier of gas, water, and sewage!  I have been waiting for our latest bill to post (which, by the way covers service from January 19th to February 17th, so we’re still a month and half behind, meaning we’ll still be paying for another month and a half before we’re rid of them!) and today, lo and behold, it did.  It’s double our last bill.  Depsite DH taking laundry to the boat, which means a cut back in water and the gas to heat it, and despite our house never being warmer than 60 degrees, our bill is just under $300.00.  Our usage for water is almost the same as it was the previous month, yet our gas usage is 5 times our water usage.  Explains how that happens when a.) our house is 60 degrees and has been all winter; b.) DH took laundry to the boat and took showers on the boat whenever possible.  $300.00 fucking dollars, and I have at least one, but probably two more bills coming from them…  I think I’m going to be sick.

How the fuck am I supposed to keep giving them $300.00 for two more months when our utilities here will kick in soon, too?  Seriously!




*Excuse the little PSA stuff in between.  This was the most complete video I could find for what I wanted to express.*

Are we done yet?

          Guess what?  I get to file my very first warranty claim!  Our washer won’t drain.  Well, it does, but it drains faster than the pipe will allow (I guess), so each time the washer tries to drain, my mud room gets flooded.  Isn’t that FUN

          In other news, Master Chief can jump baby gates.  He can also wriggle under the tiny part of the fence that is raised.  DH got the dog run up yesterday, so now at least he’s secured in the yard.  He doesn’t like to be out there alone just yet, but I think he will get used to it.  It’s not like we leave him out there all day, but with his habit of not peeing within 10 minutes of you letting him out, I’m not too willing to stand outside for 30+ minutes at 6 AM when it’s 30-something degrees, you know?  So for now, he stays on the run when we’re not out there with him.  At some point, we will get or build him a dog house, too.  He likes his kennel when he’s inside, so that’s cool, too.  He’s not had one accident in the house, and he’s still very sweet.  He is still a bit skittish, but has made drastic improvements since I picked him up.  At some point in the next few days, he’ll get a bath, flea treatment, and head to the vet.  Good times, I tell you.

          The big stuff is done.  The little things are driving me crazy.  We seem to have misplaced all the small nails and random hardware, so picture hanging has not occurred.  The bed is missing hardware (which I took apart, so my bad…) so our mattress is up on the frame, but the actual bed posts and such are still on the floor.  The tiny closests are killing me.  The boys’ clothes don’t fit and there certainly isn’t room for another dresser in there.  I can’t even store the clothes they aren’t wearing in the attic because the attic floor isn’t finished and half the attic is inaccessible because of the damn heat pump and cooling unit…  One of those things I wish I had known, you know?  Put that on the the list of things to ask about the next time…  You know, in like 10 years…

          The old house is almost completely cleaned out.  I have to retrieve my shower curtain and vacuum, but the oven/stove is clean, the counters are spotless, and the bathroom are sparkly and disinfected.  We’re almost completely done with our townhouse!  Wooh!

         The yard needs work.  The leaves are…  plentiful.  The grass is non-existent.  Plenty of work to keep me busy!

       Off I go to call the home warranty company and the vet.  Then we’re off to the commissary, post office, and the townhouse for the last touches.  What a ride!

The Money Pit

     Did you see that movie that came out about 15 years ago with Tom Hanks?  This house…  Yeah, having flashes of that.  It’s an exaggeration, but still.  We can’t wash our clothes.  The pipe won’t drain the water fast enough to keep up with the washing machine.  We have no window coverings (which means I can’t sleep) and all the windows are odd sizes.  The back door locks don’t line up right, so you have to play with the door to get it to lock.  The dog can escape the fence.  The dog never pees or poops (I swear, he’s a robot!).  There is not a single lighting fixture in any of the 3 bedrooms.  There is no wiring in the ceiling for lighting fixtures, either.  Oy…  So much to do!

        Anyway, still loving it overall.  The dog is getting less skittish and more puppy-like every day.  We’re setting up a dog run today so he can be outside without us and we don’t have to worry about him escaping the fence. 

          Busy, busy days…  I have to clean out the old townhouse, but that’s all about that’s left to do on that end.  I will be glad to be done with that place.  As soon as I get my deposit back, I will will erase them from my mind.  🙂

         Off I go.  Duty calls.


         Master Chief is a great dog.  The friends who helped us move are incredible.  The people who watched the boys, made us food, and contributed to our success – STELLAR.  We’re  s l o w l y  getting settled.  I will write more when things aren’t going a million miles an hour, and I will post pictures when I find the camera, the charger, and batteries that aren’t dead.  We survived!!!

Not an auto-post!

          Just a quick note.  We sruvived, but are seriously much worse for the wear.  Thanks to a 4 hour delay with a dented fridge, blood sugar drops, and then finally, fatigue, we didn’t get everything in the house in a single day.  We’re paying for a second day of truck rental despite DH having the doots and Nae and I are trying to kick the truck’s ass and get that huge biotch emptied out.  The house looks like hell, we all feel like shit, and the children are restless, ready to get back to normal.  On a positive note, we’re picking up the puppy tonight.  His official name?  Master Chief.  Yes, both words.  Why?  Because DH and I are addicted to Halo, that’s why.  Send me some cyber love.  I am over the moving thing and feeling very defeated by the new house and all the things that still need to be done, moved, set up, arranged, called, and basically put back into every day order.



         Some of you may have figured out that my blog is on auto-pilot.  I am probably going crazy right now, knowing that I have 50+ E-mails in my inbox, and that I haven’t played a single game on-line in several days, nor have I Googled myself, toyed with something like this, touched base on Cafe Mom, or even, GASP, MySpace.  I am probably sitting in a corner rocking back and forth, but at least, gentle reader will have something to read, right?  Right!

          This whole moving thing?  It’s cleansing.  I seriously dumped out about 15 pounds of paper that we didn’t need, and that was just taking up space in the filing cabinet.  Oh my Force, I just admitted I am 24 and have a freaking filing cabinet…  Holy shit…  Anyway, we also got rid of toys that are no longer age appropriate, clothes that the boys had outgrown that somehow missed my previous round-ups, shoes that no longer fit (because they linger in this house, for some reason), and about a bajillion other things that had either been worn out, were no longer needed, or were just to too shabby a shape to make the move.  We even chucked our poor, abused tea pot.

          Packing has given us a great chance to re-organize, and in some cases, put things in order that were never organized to begin with.  DH is a model box-packer.  I, on the other hand, am a good stager.  Don’t ask me to pack a box.  Seriously.  I can hardly pack a lunch without squishing the sandwich and mashing your apple.  It’s a very, very bad idea to ask me to pack a moving box.  I make up for it with my mad-label writing skills and my uncanny ability to distinguish what is in the box should I forgot to label one.  At least, that’s what I am telling myself.  The move has me feeling very out of sorts and very unproductive.  I hate that feeling.  I hope I’m not getting in the way, and that I am, indeed, making things easier, as opposed to harder.  *sigh* 

          You’re playing those games aren’t you?  You’re probably beating my high scores right now.  GAH!!!  I can’t wait to be settled in and reconnected!!!