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Some Comic Relief

Nae sent this to me.  You can clearly see why I love her so much.

*Day 50: I am grateful for our country's freedom of speech and for such silly, frivolous things the internet brings right into our homes.  🙂



I love this video.  On days when I just feel like crap and wake up in a funk, stuff like this is mucho primo good!  On days like today…  I just gotta have more cowbell!!!

Will Ferrell CowbellMore amazing video clips are a click away

*Day 40: I am grateful for internet shopping!!!

Put a Ring on It

In case you missed this on The View and all the other viral video sites playing it, here it is…

Old Home Week

We used to live next to a Navy coupke.  When they left, they had a son a year younger than Mega.  Now they have 2 boys, and are awaiting the arrival of their third baby, but they’re living in another state.  So I talked to my former neighbor this evening, and guess what?!  They’re moving back!  Not just back to the area, but the same city and every thing!  I’m totally stoked!  We’re both sorta’ granola-mommies, so it’s always rad when we get together.  I can’t wait until she gets back here in May!

And just for GP…

And of course, because it’s my favorite band of all time, I couldn’t leave out this gem.

New pictures and a video!

There are new pictures up in the new Fall 2008 album.  :-)  The video below was shot on November 29th.  The boys were contributing to the Halloween festivities by pulling the guts out after DH scraped the pumpkins.  I carved them when they were all done.  The family that designs pumpkins together, stays together, right?  Right!

Good point…

Moving On…

Time for some Campaignin’!

I wish I could have embedded this, but I couldn't, so you will have to click the link.

Tee hee.

Stop, Drop, and Roll Bitches!

Maybe it’s because I moved around a lot as a kid and never really had those, “I grew up with them,” friends, but maybe not…  If a freaking lion can set aside instinctive avoidance behavior to love up on humans, why is it so hard for some people to let things go?  We’re not talking about forgiving people for murder or cheating with your husband…  Why is it that some people can just walk away, not feeling a thing but righteousness, and not looking back?  I don’t get it…  I think I’d like to be reincarnated as a lion, though.