Yet again, another reason I hate seeing a movie before reading the book.  I had just watched the movie, so it was fresh in my mind, too.  When I watched the movie, I thought, "My The-Force, this is weird.  The book has to explain this better."  It doesn't.  In fact, the book explains next to nothing.  I would have given this book 2 stars except that I read the foreword in which I learned that the story was originally published in installments in a Sci-Fi magazine.  I guess that explains the brevity, and also, why I don't much care for sci-fi. 

          Explain it to me.  Offer your rendition of how this all happened.  I have an imagination, but I am reading, damn it, to see what your imagination can do.  If my imagination were all that great, I'd be making a killing with my own damn books!  I was very disappointed at the lack of detail, explanation, and even character development.  I guess when it comes to reading, I really should just stick to literature.  Apparently, I really am narrow-minded and don't like anything that doesn't jibe with my current comfort zone(s).  So yeah, overall, disappointed.  Not much to say one way or the other because there wasn't much in the book other than the guy travelled 8 million years into the future to find that the human race had become two races, and one cannibalized the other.  Super.

         A Separate Peace is my next undertaking.  Stay tuned.