"What hurts buddy?"


"What hurts, baby?"

"Dat, wight d’ere."

"Can you show Mommy?"

"Wight d’ere."

          He’s not pointing.  He’s not inclining his head in any direction.  He is giving no indication whatsoever where "d’ere" is.  But I still have to kiss it, fix it, or reprimand someone or something for making my baby have "owies."

          I love toddlers.  Their communication skills are developing by leaps and bounds, they are very eager to express themselves – what they want to wear, what they want to eat (or not eat), when and how long they would like to play, and even with whom they would like to play…  But the second they are over-tired or hurt, it all goes out the window, and they revert to thinking and acting as though we, the parental units, are mind readers.

          It just keeps getting better.