DH has The Dreaded Doots.  Looks like the boys and I are staying in and washing, drying, and folding laundry.  We’re more fun than a barrel of drunken monkeys, I know.  And I know you’re jealous, but try to conceal it a bit for me, will ya’?  I may also upload some of our digital picture files to have them printed.   I have a folder for unprinted digitals and it’s bursting.  I am sweating just thinking about how much it’s going to cost me.  All in all, it’s still cheaper than buying film, developing it, and then tossing or never taking another look at half the pictures because they were out of focus, too bright, blurry, whatever.  Isn’t technology fabulous?

          I am getting more and more excited about moving into our bigger, new and improved house.  We desperately need the space – closets for each of the boys, more room for their beds and toys, and that means more free space in my living room!  They may actually be able to play in their rooms!  I just can’t even imagine how fan-damn-tastic that will be!  It will also be nice to have an end unit – no more having to sit helplessly on the couch while your neighbors do something that you *pray* is just hanging pictures…  at 3 AM.  Yeah, it’s that bad.  We’re not nearly as bad as some people living in attached domiciles.  We rarely hear something from our neighbors, and when we do, it’s from one side only.  Talking to other people, it seems like that is the norm – like sound only travels through one wall.  Weird, eh?  Like I said – not complaining!  I would rather hear from one set of neighbors than both! 

          Mega’s new thing is fake crying.  I can only assume that he thinks we will feel guilty and let him have his way if he cries…  Hopefully, he’ll get over this stage quickly.  I hate it.  It drives me crazy because I would rather hear him cry for real.  His fake cry is enough to make a shrieking eel cringe.  And if you’ve never seen The Princess Bride, you probably have no idea what that meant, but it’s okay.  I’ll forgive you…  this time. 

      Off I go…  To…  Fold…  Laundry.  My, oh my!  HOW THRILLING MY LIFE IS!  WOOH!!!