I don’t know why I insist on holding tight to those that are obviously walking around from me.  I was talking to Derry, and the only thing I can come up with is that I am fiercely loyal, and despite a 99% failure rate of reciprocity for said loyalty, I still hope and expect it in return. Why the hell do I do that?

Obviously I am an idiot.  If it happens once, shame on you…  If it happens twice, shame on me…  and when it happens a third time, I’m a fucking moron.  Rather than continue to be a moron, I’ll let you walk away.  It was nice to walk with you for a while, but it is painfully obvious that we’re walking in different directions, and your intended path is at all-but direct interference with mine. There is really no point in continuing to hold your hand.  And while I thought it would make me sad to let go, I’m totally cool.  I am actually pretty tired of you hurting my feelings and justifying your actions with, “I’m giving you perspective.”  Your perspective is hurtful and demeaning, and really, I’m okay without that.  kthxby!