A while ago, I decided to just be happy.  I think my normal chemical and hormonal balance would have me very often blue, but that was just getting old.  I decided to just be happy.  It wasn’t easy, but it made a huge difference, and did so almost instantly.  Sure, I had bad days, but for the most part, I really did just DECIDE to be happy; I minimized what stressed me out, did more things that made me and my family feel good, and tried to take really good care of myself and my family.  It was great.

Now I have another choice to make.  Do I decide to be happy, completely let go of the elephant in my heart-room trampling my happiness and hope it works out?  Do I face the elephant head-on, risk making it worse in the process, or risk making it better?  Do I decide to be happy and walk away from all that I love outside of my friends and family, all that I have worked towards for the past 4 years?

“Don’t be hasty.”  – Treebeard