Operation Ugly Duckling…  FAIL.  I really thought I was ready for such an undertaking, but as usual, I was wrong…  See what I just did there?  Any little opportunity to get a dig in, and I SNATCH IT.  But then I try to climb back out of the hole by adding something.  In thise case, “I did fail, but I was super busy trying to get things going with my volunteer stuff, school, the kids,” etc.  LAME.  So today the lameness ends.  I am going to start small.

I have pretty eyes.  I won’t even say they’re only pretty in certain lights, or my standard response, “Yeah, they’re pretty…  If you think mud puddles are nice.”  I have pretty eyes.  They are a very deep shade of brown…  They have depth…  They may not sparkle like a movie star’s, or have breath-taking brilliance, but they’re mine.  And they’re pretty*.

*I’m read from sun burn, not crying.  🙂