Maybe it’s their chewiness…  the way they start off tart and then as they give up the fight against your molars, they become sugary caramel sweet…  But for some reason, they seem like the perfect candy to eat while you cry.  I am not even sure why I am crying.  I mean, the day has been shit-tastic, but nothing I can’t handle.  While crossed lines of communication suck, all lines were put to right (I think), and really, who hasn’t been there?  I fucked up on an account or two, but again, no one is perfect, and I’m cool…  I’m frustrated about this silly sewing project I can’t seem to figure out, but still…  Not a reason to cry.  So why the hell am I crying?

Today is T-Rex’s 5th birthday.  For some reason, that does make me very sad.  Every time I looked at him today, I just wanted to gather him into my lap and smush him.  He irritated the crap out of me (he spit in his brother’s face because “Mega was hogging the Legos”) and still, I wanted to just smother him with kisses.  I’m not crying happy tears, so I don’t think that’s what’s going on…

The house is so quiet and I have been trying to busy myself…  I finished about 4 on-going sewing projects and put serious time and effort into the project that’s stumping me.  Logistics are a bitch, especially when you have a super-sweet idea…  *sigh*

It wouldn’t be so irritating if I was all-out bawling.  I’m just sort of…  well, crying.  And I have no idea why.  And the caramel apple sugar babies are almost gone…  What will I eat when the box is empty?  Shit.