Fear is a powerful thing.  It can consume.  It can blind.  It can paralyze.  It can change everything.

What you fear follows you.  It will find you.  You can turn, face the fear, and defeat it, or you can allow it to stalk you and dominate your life.  It can be something small.  If you’re terrified of car accidents, you’re going to see them a lot more, and they’re going to appear worse than they would appear to someone without that fear.  If you’re terrified of surgical procedures, you’re probably going to see a lot of people around you undergoing surgical procedures.  The fear will dominate if you let it. 

I…  I am not fearless.  I am fearful of a lot of things…  I am seeing my fears manifest all over the place and it’s destroying so many things I have worked for.  It’s time to put the fear in check.  I have respect for birth.  I believe that it goes exactly the way it is meant to 99% of the time.  When we intervene, we increase the risk of screwing up The Plan and needing to intervene more.  I am fearful that my desire to trust birth will blind me to the time to intervene.  I am fearful that the opinion of others I know and respect in the birth community will lead me to intervene too often.  I can’t be fearful of both sides…  I trust birth.  I trust that the mothers I serve will *know* when they need someone to change something for them, to do something, to intervene.  I trust that I will not worry so much about my reputation that I will put the mothers and families I serve first.  I will crush the fear with education and trust. 

What are you afraid of?