I keep meaning to get my arse over here.  I have so many things I’d like to unload.

  1. The Force.  Today is Day 3 of “Nothing Heather can do or plan or try will turn out properly.”  The Force, today, you win.  I give you a big hug and allow you to muddy my waters, direct me in whatever direction you see fit, all while refusing to continue to try to swim upstream.  Thus far, I have given several things up to The Force while trying to remain open to suggestion and continuing to envision what I would like to have happen.  Thus far, I’ve not been led astray.  If The Force is listening, I would like It to know that I am waiting patiently and trying to remain humble.  TRYING.
  2. School.  I love that in a few years, I will be ready to sit for my NARM exam.  Truly, I am grateful…  However…  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tad overwhelmed.  I am trying to get the hang of a new filing system, a new way to do assignments, and just new everything.  I have not been a “student” in almost ten years.  I have continued to educate myself, improve my skill sets, and increase my knowledge base, but actually having to be a student is very different.  Before, I was accountable to myself.  If I didn’t feel proficient in something, I just didn’t offer it.  Now I will be tested.  Weighed.  Measured…  We all know how I feel about that…  I welcome the challenge!  WELCOME!
  3. Finances.  In about two months’ time, we shall be free of consumer debt.  We will have only our mortgage, utilities, and basic needs (food, fuel, etc.) to pay for.  That *sounds* great, but we’re taking on the cost of a private education in the same breath.  Well, at least, I hope we are.  We have applied for financial aid; using 1/5th of our income to pay for two of our children to go to school just is not reasonable for our family.  We shall find out very soon what, if any, aid has been granted so that we can determine whether or not private school is feesible for us.  I really hope so.  In the mean time, I will be saving every spare nickel and dime I can.  I will not be taking doula clients much longer and while the income is sporadic at best, it still helps.  Not having it at all is sure to impact our budget, even on a small scale.
  4. Private school.  We found a school that we really like.  It will come down to whether or not we can afford it.  $750.00 per month is more than beyond our means.  I hate to think that money will determine where my children are educated, but it’s a truth I can’t turn a blind eye to.  *sigh*  I am hoping The Force will help us out on this one.  *smile*
  5. Rabbits!  We are going to start rabbit farming for meat.  I realize how odd and even distasteful that might sound to some.  We are trying to reduce our grocery budget despite the rising costs of commodities, as well as have something to produce.  Rabbits are actually more cost effective than chickens.  While they do not lay eggs, they cost less to feed, require less space, and their maturity time is quicker, as well.  We will start with a trio and go from there.  We get our first rabbit in just a few weeks and are working on building a hutch.  It’s exciting!  I don’t know how much rabbit meat *I* will eat, but there is certainly a demand for it, and what’s wrong with lovin’ on some bunny ears?  8 to 12 pound bunnies at that?!
  6. It’s that time again.
  7. DH’s father is getting married this weekend…  
  8.  I miss Jenae.  And if you’re reading this, that means GET OUT HERE!!!  Love you!
  9. We did eventually get our van back.  It took over a calendar month.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I realized how much I really do like that hunk of metal and was grateful that the insurance and shop worked it out so that the rest of the rental was covered.  Almost made me wish for horse and buggy days…  Almost.
  10. The Year of Living Dangerously…  Rocks my world.  Another challenge I welcome.  WELCOME!

That’s the big stuff.  I am going to make tea.  I am done-zo.  Overwhelmed.  Feeling ridiculous.  This is me, letting The Force take the wheel…  relinquishing control…  Feels oddly like letting a teenager behind the wheel while I cower in the passenger seat, quite frankly.  Ta!