I think happiness is not a natural state for me.  I have to work to be happy.  But you know what?  That’s okay.  I would rather work to be happy than sit back and be miserable.

How do you work to be happy?

  • Love myself enough to spend money on groceries.  With Celiac, I can’t eat whatever.  I have to realize that spending money on bread I really like is okay.  It will nourish me so that I’m not damn near catatonic from chronic low blood sugar.   It will keep me able to produce milk for my child.  It will make me happy.
  • Causes I care about.  I find ways to invest time and energy doing things to help others.  What better way to make yourself feel better than to do something for someone that they cannot do for themselves?
  • Spend time with my kids.  Your kids are a reflection of you.  Not a mirror image, but a reflection: pieces of you, pieces of themselves.  Spending time with my kids reminds me of the things I am doing well, as well as the things I need to improve on.  If my kids are screaming at each other, I know I am screaming at them.  If they are being short with each other, I know I need to work on my temper. 
  • Friends.  Friends are the family you choose yourself.  Spending time with my friends recharges my batteries.  I have enough drama in my life with day-to-day occurrences and friends let me release the drama and be myself…  flaws and all.

So yeah…  Maybe chemically I am set to “miserable” but I am okay working myself over to “Content” and sometimes even attaining “Subliminally Happy.”  I will work to be happy.  Happy mommies raise happy kids.  My kids deserve to be happy, regardless of Mommy’s chemical settings.


Work to be happy.