So… Obviously I’ve not been around much.  I come to you now to update and, essentially, purge.  I may very well explode into a thousand tiny pieces if I don’t offload some of this.  *shiver*

I’m pretty sure Gram was here on her birthday.  I know when her birthday is, but this year, the 4th came and almost completely went without me thinking that it was <i>indeed</i> her birthday.  I was talking to my mother about what was going on around me and she reminded me of the date’s (other) significance.  Every time I looked around, I saw the old house number: clocks, price tags, addresses, phone numbers, all kept giving me the same 3 digit combination.  When I got out of the shower (a lot happens in my bathroom), I would have sworn to The Force she was standing behind me, and if I’d turned around quickly, I’d have walked right into her.  Those were the highlights of the oddities.  I miss her.  The end.

I am starting a chapter of ICAN.  ICAN is the International Cesarean Awareness Network .  Local chapters offer in-person meetings, education, and support.  Sometimes we see a pregnant woman trying to avoid a cesarean.  Sometimes it’s cesarean recovery, or avoiding a repeate cesarean.  We do a lot of different things for a lot of different people.  In an area as bustling with resources as mine, this is something that should have existed for years.  After figuring out that an apprenticeship was not going to happen any time soon (yeah, there’s that too!), I decided starting a chapter would be a way to do / give more to the women and families in my community.  As of this morning, I paid my Chapter Leader Application fee and am eagerly awaiting my chapter guidebook so that I can get the group going with a nice picnic.  I am excited, but I don’t want the group to fizzle, so I am trying to pace myself.

On a similar note, I was asked if I would accept a nomination to become Executive Director of Birth Matters Virginia.  *gulp*  Holy shit.  Yeah, as in, the whole state group, not my local chapter, but the Big Kahuna.  Like whoa.  I slept on it, talked it over with DH, thought about it some more, talked to my mother, and then decided to accept.  It’s a two year positionwhich means I would have a year to complete my DONA re-certification and focus on finding a preceptor.  While 3 years wasn’t my ideal time table to start my midwifery apprenticeship, I am taking this as a sign from The Force that this is a better plan than what I originally laid out for myself and this is where my time and energy needs to be directed.  *deep breath*  I am terrified.  A small part of me almost dares to hope someone else will step forward and the members will vote for her.  It would be an amazing opportunity, but it is also a huge responsibility and I would hate to let anyone down.  C’est la vie.  Whatever will be, will be.  If  I am elected, I will do my best.  If not, I will encourage and do all I can to help the woman who is elected. 

T-Rex’s 4th birthday party was pretty sedate compared to last year.  We pair it up with the 4th of July so that there aren’t two big parties in July, but really, this year was very mild.  T-Rex enjoyed it, which was the best part.  He got turtles from us  for his birthday and he loves them very much.  He named them Mike and Celia (Monsters, Inc) and always wants to take them out and play with them.  Celia is the bigger of the two.


Dakota, the puppy, is still anti-social and beginning to worry me.  She is not coming around and fear leads to aggression.  I want so badly for her to become part of the family, but she still shivers when she sees the kids, hides when we’re in the back yard, and while she will now sit in my lap, as soon as I move a hand off her, she still bolts for her crate.  *sigh*  Please, puppy…  Realize that you are safe and loved! 


Last but not least, we’re getting a second vehicle the first week of August.  Woo-hoo!  I am soooo over having only one car – what a relief!


Think that covers it all…  Okay, I love you bubye!