Yes, I know I am crazy.  I understand that the last thing I need is one more living thing who depends on me to satisfy their every need.  I know I don’t need anything else to brush, potty train, bathe, walk, or teach basic obedience.  I know all of those things…  But this is what I needed to get me through this week.  I needed something shiny and new and that demanded all of my attention because if I can stop to think about anything, it will all fall apart.  So, yes, I got a puppy.  No, she will not be returned to the shelter when the novelty wears off.  While the temporary idea is to distract me, I am very fond of animals and she has already helped Master Chief come out of his shell, which was a long-term goal.   So yes, I am crazy and I got a puppy.  Bite me.

The kids call her Kota.