All through high school, I remember thinking, “One day, I won’t have to worry about this any more because everyone will grow up!”  What a silly notion that turned out to be! 

Some people, for better or worse, just never change.  There will always be the people who talk nasty about you behind your back while smiling to your face, though you’ve never done a mean thing to them.  There will always be people who give of themselves far more than they ever receive in return simply for the betterment of everyone around them.  There will always be people who cannot see the forest for the trees – no matter how horrible or wonderful a situation is, they will never be able to appreciate it for themselves before it is too late.  There will always be people to look up to, to aspire to emulate, and who inspire te best in you. 

When every day of you life seems to same, and you’re unhappy about it…  When drama seems to follow you everywhere, and you find yourself in the center of it more often than not…  Perhaps it’s time to change to change the record and dance to a different beat!  Here’s to learning a new groove!