So the last week or so has been incredibly rough for so many reasons.  I am not typically very easy to get along with during the holidays as it is, but I make an honest effort every year for the sake of my children.  Let’s just say that this year has done nothing but set me back to my incredibly Grinchy ways.  Oh well.  There is always next year, right?  Right!

Moving on!

I think I mentioned before that I think New Year’s resolutions are lame.  I aim to work year-round to improve and educate myself, so doing it once a year just seems cheesy and… perfunctory?  With that being said, it seems as though the end of the year is making itself a force to be reckoned with, at least for me.  It seems to be beating me over the night screaming, “Respect my authorit-AH!”  So timing be damned, here I am completely re-assessing and re-vamping what I thought would be my 1 year and 5 year plans.  Between not getting the scholarship I was qualified for, issues arising that I thought I’d never have to deal with, and other nonsense, my current plans simply will not get me where I want to go.  In light of this realization, I find myself once again thinking carefully about where I want to be in a year, in 5 years, and how best to get there.  *sigh*  Tis tedious business, at times.

Here I go again!