I sat down to blog about my anger with a few people.  As usual, I wouldn't say who it was or anything, but sometimes the best thing for me to do is just write it all down and organize it…  It's purging and then I can not be angry any more…  Which is always good, right? 

So why am I more irritated now than when I started?  Why am I finding more and more reasons to be mad?  In the long run, I suppose it is a small thing…  But then, it's not.  Still, it's not something I should just stay pissed about.  That takes too much energy, for one.  For another thing, it's not like being mad is going to change anything, besides making it worse.  Who needs that?  Not this chick, that's for damn sure…

I think I am still trying so hard to let go of my anger with other people and situations, and since I can't, I am finding new things to direct it toward, unfair though that may be.  I know most people find the ones they love are the easiest to take out negativity on, but that doesn't make it right, nor fair.  Still…

So here I am, stewing away…  I don't really want to let this one go, but for ya' know, see above…  I think I actually want to piss away the energy and stay angry.  How dumb is that?! 

In some weird way, I guess this stupid blog worked.  I am mad, but it's forced.  I'm only mad because I want to be, not because I'm genuinely pissed off…  LAY-MUH.

So what purpose does your blog serve?