Along with being seriously under-valued, under-paid, under-appreciated, and sleep deprived, one thing the career of motherhood lacks is mental health days.  I desperately need time with myself and myself alone to evaluate, prioritize, and tackle. 

  • Bills.  One of our credit cards is jumping to 29.99% in response to Obama's fair credit laws.  We are not maxxed out, have never made a late or partial payment, and yet, if we keep this card, we will be paying 30% interest.  Guess which card will no longer have a place in our wallets?  That leaves us a single credit card that is just below its limit.  It has a phenomenal rate, though…  we have a hole in our wall with water damage lurking behind it.  It's going to take a couple hundred dollars for the repair and making the room look decent.  If we went to just repair the damage and leave bare wood, no drywall, or paint, obviously it would be less expensive…  we still have one car…  none of my midwifery schools accept federal funds, so we're looking at personal loans or putting off my education…  shall I continue?
  • Temptation.  I continue to be offered awesome opportunites that I think would enrich my midwifery and doulas qualities.  They are being dangled in front of me like cake and while I want to seize them all, obviously that would be unwise and over-taxing.  So which do I take and which do I leave? 
  • Food.  I hate being gluten free around the holidays.  No stuffing, modified pies, no green bean casserole…  LAME.
  • Children.  T-Rex just doesn't listen.  Period.  I think I feel the urge to throttle him at least once every other day…  Kili is having a hard time sleeping and the only way I can get any rest is to have her in the bed.  DH hates co-sleeping and keeps trying to sleep on the couch which really pisses me off.  Mega Dukes is great, but getting him to and from school every day is irritating some days.
  • Family.  I'll just say one thing: When people have a common goal, why is it so hard to see / understand / accept that your way of getting there and mine might be totally different?

*sigh*  Seriously…