I wanted to make sure that on my 100th day of gratitude, I really got it.  I didn't want to record appreciation for something flippant or fleeting.  As I was thinking about what I am most grateful for, it seemed very obvious.  Today I am grateful for never having to think too long or too hard about thing to be grateful for.  I have more than enough "things" in my life.  While we may be less inconvenienced if we owned another car, we have a reliable vehicle.  While we may need to replace our roof, for now, we are dry and happy with our current roof.  We may not have an iPhone or a laptop, but we've more than enough toys and gadgets to keep us busy.  We have more than our fair share of friends and family members who are always there to help.  We've been beyond fortunate in the people that have been brought into our lives, and even in the people who have left our lives…  Our children are healthy and happy.  Our marriage is strong and fulfilling.  Both my husband and myself are pursuing careers we chose not out of necessity but out of true desire.  Much as I might complain, I have a damn good life.  There is almost always room for improvement, but for the moment, I am stepping back and basking in the glow of the divinity of my life…  problems and all.  I am grateful for the bounty that is my life.  I am grateful for every little thing that's been given to me…  for better or worse.