I am researching my path…  MEAC schools aren't exactly prevalent, and none of them are local.  Not all of them offer distance learning, and the one that I thought I liked requires you to be there more often than is feesible for me.  I admit…  I am a bit overwhelmed and discouraged.  It took me 30 minutes just to figure out what I needed to have already done before I could apply to one school.  In my defense, it listed the prerequisites in another place…  Whatever.  Anyway, I am still excited, but now I feel like I have nothing to funnel all my energy into and it's just wasting away.  My kids are looking at me like I am insane.  We've been painting and stamping and drawing and we drew with chalk outside, and even Kili Bug is a bit overwhelmed by my energy.  It's just…  blah.

I know I can do the work, I just have to find my school and get all my paperwork together.  I suck at stuff like this.  I get mired down in details and forget that the bigger picture ROCKS and that I will, indeed, get there.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.  What do we do?  We swim, swim!

Day 99: I am grateful for mental clarity and the willingness and ability to see and embrace the challenge before me!