Have you seen that website Fuck My Life?  Today is totally one of those days.  5 years ago, we bought a van from a friend.  The closest DMV was always packed, so we drove to another one which wasn't as frequently visited by the masses.  This DMV office was in another city…  the same state, but another city.  The city got "garage jurisdiction" over the van.  Therefore, we paid taxes on the vehicle to THAT city, rather than the city we lived in, though we didn't know that.  The next year when the tax bill came, we got bills from the city of jurisdiction, as well as the city we lived in.  We paid the city with jurisdiction and were told that was all we needed to do…  The following year, we were told we had to pay the city we lived in.  So we had the van's "garage jurisdiction" changed to our city of residence and paid the taxes…  The year after that, we moved and notified DMV as well as our taxing office.  We also sold the van, but paid the prorated taxes for the city we lived in…  The van was sold in 2007…  We just got a bill from the original city of jurisdiction for 2004 and 2005…  The fees are as much as the taxes for "delinquency."  I will be damned if I pay that bill.  Not only did I already pay the taxes, but the whole process of getting that vehicle registered from one city to another was ridiculous.  No city would talk to the others, and apparently "garage jurisdiction" is vastly different from how they normally figure out which city gets the taxes from which vehicles.  We made numerous phone calls, trips to DMV, and the commissioner of revenue's offices.  It was a battle every tax year, but every year, we paid.  I am not writing another check simply because no one can make a fucking phone call.  Why can't one city talk to another?  Why can't any of the cities talk to DMV – a state agency?  If you can't tell me why you don't have records of those payments and I do, I damn sure am not going to keep paying you so you can turn around and do the same thing a few years from now…

And people want more government involvement in things like health care…  WHY?!

*Day 97: I am grateful for the ability to communicate my needs…  though notice I say nothing about doing so in a constructive or healthy manner.