I heard this rumor that Aerosmith was pulling a Beatles move and splitting up.  I thought I might have to lock myself in a closet with nothing but my stereo and some Oreo's of the glutenated variety.  Seriously, my heart did this weird little skipping-beats jig in my chest and it wasn't the most uncool thing…  And then I came across this from some Classic Rock" (TIMELESS ROCK!!!) station.  They have Joe Perry saying it's nothing – they're taking a breather.  And for serious, for them to have stuck together all that time, they've probably had more than one breather and I'm okay with that.  But hear me now, Mr. Steven Tyler Vocal-God, and Joe Perry One-of-the-Original-Guitar-Heroes…  KISS AND MAKE UP.  You don't have to rush…  But for serious if you break up the bestest band to ever hit the face of the earth…  My heart just might stop all together.  You can't do that to me!  So…  Take your little breather and do what you need to do, but you better get your shit together soon and go back to playing nice, mmmkay?  kthxbye. 


Your Number One Fan Too Poor To Own Any Memorablia Aside From Key Chains, But Who Has Made It To Every Concert I Possibly Could, And Who Was Still Willing to Sit in Lawn Seats, But the Concert was Cancelled Due to a Hurricane


*Day 95: I am grateful for music.  No matter what kind you like, it has immense power to change a mood and change a life.  Music is AMAZING (no pun intended).