It's been a very dreary few days.  Mega started a Transitional Kindergarten program.  He misses the cut off for Kindergarten by fewer than 60 days.  I wanted to make sure he would truly be ready for Kindergarten since he will be among the oldest kids in school as he progresses through the years.

I started working 3 days a week.  We need the money, and it's good to have adult conversation.  I can take the kids with me, still doula, and pick Mega up from school, so it's a pretty sweet arrangement.

Kili is gi-normous.  She was in today and is in the 75 – 85th percentile for weight, height, and head circumference.  Home girl is a hoss!  At least she's proportionate.  😉

T-Rex had his labs drawn for the egg allergy test.  We should know by the start of next week whether or not to keep eggs out of his diet.  *sigh*  It would be nice to know, but it would REALLY limit his food choices.  He's getting better about trying new things, but he is still a 3 year old.  He loves most veggies, but even fruits seem to put him off sometimes.  I think he's like me in that the textures kill him.  *snicker*  He doesn't like mushy stuff.  He will KILL some cucumber salad, 3 bean salad, or grilled veggies, though!  I'm getting better about making things and not just tossing something on the table every night.  It's not easy when I am trying to accomodate T-Rex and I without making DH and Mega's diet the same.  I would, but we just can't afford it.  

We're still sharing a single vehicle.  I am back to a pretty nasty pain level again, so it sucks that DH can't get home early enough for me to sneak in some PT appointments.  DH is usually done by 3, but his buddy doesn't wrap up classes until 4:00.  By the time he gets home, the office is closed.  If DH took the car one day, we might swing it, but we all know that would be the day he gets stuck at work, or held up in traffic and I'd miss my appointment anyway.  

Speaking of pain…  I considered going back to Prime just so we wouldn't have to pay for my care any more.  I know PT wouldn't be offered, let alone covered.  They would send me home with pain meds and call it a day…  But the way I have been feeling lately, I am not so sure I wouldn't mind that "solution."  Is my long-term goal just to fix the source of the pain and be overall "well"?  OF COURSE!  Would it be nice to be pain-free in the short-term until I could find a way to fund my long-term goal?  Abso-friggin-lutely.  *sigh*

*Day 93: I am grateful for a pediatrician who is supportive of my choice not to vaccinate my daughter.  Not only was she supportive, but encouraging and reaffirming that for our particular family, the choice not to vaccinate is a good one.  While we COULD vaccinate and be okay, if we don't, we have one less thing to look back at and wonder if we didn't do more harm than good.