It's been a while, and I have soo much to say, but so little time to type.  Here goes…

The vehicles: We scrapped the car.  We couldn't see replacing the engine because with our luck, the transmission would go in a few months, and then we'd have spent over $20,000 on a car that was less than 10 years old and didn't have a warranty.  We'll be paying someone to drive DH to and from work.  With what we're saving in insurance and gas, we're still saving a bit even after paying the friend.  I am supposed to start working with a friend in September, so I should be able to cover Mega's tuition, make some nice credit card payments, and still sock away some money for a down payment on a car.  We're looking to buy around the end of the year…  In the mean time, we will have the van.  It's not terribly convenient, but it's what we're going to have to work with for a while.  Whatever.

Post-partum Depression: Nae got here just in time.  I was really getting my ass kicked, and she helped pull me out of my funk.  I've still got symptoms, and I still feel blue, but blue is better than insane. 

Nae: She wound up being here for an extra day thanks to storms over Georgia, which was cool.  We did so much while she was here; her trip has been a whirlwind.  We hit up the vineyards, my mom's, the outlets, and she and DH even got to go to Busch Gardens for the day.  I frickin' love it when she's here and I can't wait to go to California some time this fall.

The kiddos: Mega and T-Rex are growing like weeds.  I am both excited and terrifed about Mega starting school this fall.  Kili seems to be in a rush to grow up and I wish I could just make her stay little forever…

Working: I am a bit nervous about working, even though it's with a friend and I will still have my babies with me all the time.  I need to do something to bring in money for my family, but worry about whether or not I can handle it.  *sigh*

Other Stuff: I am all over the place.  I feel like I am losing my damn mind…  And it sucks.

Day 81: I am grateful for my friends!  I am soooo fortunate to have 2 best friends!!!