I am starting physical therapy on Friday.  TriCare will pay for that, though they don't pay for chiropractic care.  Stupid, but whatever.  Anywho, my midwife took care of getting me referred and in the door and my first visit is Friday.  I am a bit scared…  I mean, I know I have to do something because for one, living in pain ain't my idea of fun.  For two, it's steadily getting worse.  Finally, it's creating other problems.  I am trying so hard not to move my hips too much when I walk that it's making my heels hurt.  They feel as though they are made of glass and with each step, they're shattering.  No bueno, senor. 

I will be going swimming three times per week unless the physical therapist tells me otherwise.  I know it's low impact, but I still have to move my legs from the hips and that's where the initial injury is, so perhaps it may do more harm than good.  I need to do something, though.  I refuse to be…  well, my current weight for long.  Heh…

Day 78: I am grateful for sleeping in.  🙂