I knew Celiac Disease was more common than people that, and that awareness has risen sharply over the past few years thanks to public figures like Elizabeth Hasselback talking about it, but man!

This website was suggested to me by a recently-met friend in the birth community.  This guy rocks.  He writes about all kinds of GF and Celiac-related stuff – even beer.  Raising awareness is rad, ya'll!  Even if you don't have Celiac Disease or a wheat sensitivity, the fact that this disease afflicts one in 133 people should be enough to make you peruse the article.  The diagnostic spectrum for this disease sucks – meaning even if you don't have the "normal" symptoms, but have odd bowels and other weird seemingly un-related symptoms, you SHOULD look twice.  Seriously, who would have though that bi-polar disorder, a horrible complexion, anemia, hypoglycemia, never pooping, weight retention despite rarely eating, kidney failure, liver stress, and chronic headaches could all be traced back to a single disease?  BIZARRE!  So yes, check it out and do a little educatin'.  Spread the word, yo!