I recently booked a flight through Expedia.  I was going to be my best friend's wedding, and only after mentioning my excitement to my care providers did they inform me that flying so close to delivering my daughter would be unsafe.  When I contacted Expedia and your airline about changing the ticket to my husband's name, the request was denied.  I didn't want a refund – I would send someone else in a seat that was already paid for…  When that was denied, I submitted letters from my care providers stating the risk to my health and even my life, and the request for a refund was still denied.  I wonder how your customers would feel if they knew your policies regarding refunds and alterations to ticket information were set this way.  I wonder how they would feel knowing you'd rather see someone get on a plane and hemorrhage than to refund their money – especially when the current prices for that flight are $397.00 and I paid more than $100.00 less.  You would literally turn a profit from refunding my fare…  Even to put my measly $225.00 ticket price toward a future flight on your airline, you will charge me $150.00, or two thirds of my original ticket price.  I must have missed how that was a service or convenience to me.  I realize I purchased a non-refundable, non-transferable ticket.  However, I did not realize that purchase meant I should have consulted my crystal ball to ensure no medical or other complications would mean risking my life to travel.  "The best you could do" was offer credit towards a future flight if I booked and travelled directly through Delta before year's end and if I submitted further paperwork which you found suitable.  Seeing how suitable you found my original request, though it met every need you set forth, I will not be holding my breath for your "credit."  I will also not be travelling with your airline in the future.

Not only am I not able to attend my best friend's wedding, or send my husband, now I am apparently out $225.00 unless I can find a time later in the year when DH can get leave to care for the boys, and I can find another ticket close to the same price range…  Considering DH has just under 100 days of earned leave on the books, I think you can all guess how often he gets to take leave and what my chances are of actually being able to fly to California (or anywhere) before year's end.  Not only am I furious over the loss of the money, I am appalled by their apparent lack of concern for the safety of their passengers.  The letter my care providers sent them clearly stated massive hemorrhage, shock, and possibly even death could ensue should I step foot on that flight.  Marvelous, really.  Have a wonderful day, Delta Airlines!

*Day 69: I am grateful for disposable Kleenex.  My nose is quite sore and my eyes have not stopped running for a few hours now…  What wonderful things these tissues are!