1984 1984 by George Orwell

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From the opening 2-3 parapgraphs, I was hooked. I’ve been reading a lot of “what is the world like in the future?” books, and this one in particular caught me. While I sincerely hope it is an extreme we will never come close to, I can still see where Orwell may have believed we weren’t far off. The level of paranoia, which became more normal than a heightened sense was very easy for me to believe. The idea of being constantly watched, and not just overtly, was thoroughly creepy. While I was reading the book, I found myself avoiding the television much more than normal and looking at people in certain uniforms a bit differently. Odd! Already in favor of less government-involvement in most of our daily affairs, this book touched a bundle of nerves I didn’t even know were there, probably because of our current political climate and the way I feel about it all. This was a very timely read for me – glad I skipped it in high school. I think, had I read it there, I would have appreciated very little, if any of it, and never thought to pick it up again. I devoured every page and would recommend it!

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