"We may not always arrive at our destination via the road we mapped out, but it doesn't make the arrival any less triumphant!!!"  – Me

I know some pretty kick-ass people.  There are so many people around me who have overcome staggering odds, but I rarely hear any of their stories of triumph.  I'm blessed to be surrounded by such greatness, and I wish more people could see the empowerment that struggle blessed them with.  It's truly amazing, and today, I am reminded to step back and bask in the truly tremendous glow of the others around me.

*Day 66: I am grateful to hear even pieces of the struggles others have overcome, for it reminds me that what we see isn't all there is to it, and that people, while fundamentally flawed, are usually good at heart and willing to work for what they want.  I am grateful to be reminded that I am not the only one who struggles, often feels defeated, and every now and then, succeeds.