So, I went in Tuesday because I thought I'd sprung a slow leak.  Turns out, things are good there, but by the time I got in, I was contracting regularly.  LOTS of "stop contracting!" drugs later, 2 shots of betamethasone to help Kili's lungs mature, LOTS of fetal and mommy-monitoring, and few tears later, I am home and no longer contracting.  I will be 33 weeks Friday, so we're really trying to make 35 weeks before she is born.  I am on complete bed rest and my mom is being SUPERB and taking the boys so that I can actually stick to those orders.  If the boys were here, I couldn't stay in bed, or even semi-reclining and be an effective parent to my two, very active little boys, so there you have it.  I won't be around much, so if you need me, call the house.  Otherwise, keep some "healthy baby" thoughts in your head if you're so inclined.  Thanks!

*Day 56: I am grateful for drugs that can stop contractions and that will help our daughter have a much better chance of survival if she decides she can't wait at least another 2 weeks to make her big debut.