DH and I laid out a plan for spending our tax return that included paying off our highest interest rate credit card, putting some money into savings for doula-emergencies (when I have to pay a back-up to step in), paying for our home warranty, putting a little into our savings' accounts for ourselves and the kids, making a nice payment on our last credit card with a balance, and putting about $425.00 toward baby expenses we still needed to cover.  Our state return came through today and it's spent, but it's all good.  I found out that the $40.00 diaper sprayer I wanted could be made for $20.00 and we have gift cards to Lowe's that we've been dying to use.  So there's $40.00 of that $425.00 we're no longer spending.  That's $20.00 more into our savings account, and $20.00 more into the boys' kids' savings account. 

     Then we got the mail and while we were going to buy this swing, we saw this one would be on sale this weekend, and figured that while it wasn't the colors we wanted, for $40.00 less and from a place where we have $100.00 on a gift card, it would more than work!  So that's another $85.00 we're not spending that can be put towards our last credit card.  How rad is that?  I am totally stoked! 

     Part of me wishes we could just forget that we have "obligations" and buy the fancy-shmancy bedding set I wanted so badly, but then that Bitch Ms. Practical steps in and says, 1.) You didn't spend that much on bedding when you had the boys; 2.) Why WOULD you spend that much on bedding you know another baby of yours won't use; and 3.) The baby doesn't care if you buy a cheaper version that looks VERY similar.  So whatever, we're sticking with the cheaper version I found at Target.

     Anyway, all that made me *really* happy.  It's always nice to be able to put more away than you thought you could!

*Day 54: I am grateful for another year, a healthier year, of life.  Yes, it's my 25th birthday today. 

:-O  Shhh!!!