Scene: In the van, on the way home after getting gas and looking for a bedding set at a local store, rather than buying it on-line…

Me: "I think T-Rex is losing his little mind."

DH: "Between playing outside and not having a nap, that kid is punchy.  Do you hear him singing back there?"

Me: "Yeah, I know.  He's skipping around and mixing songs like a bad DJ."

T-Rex: "Puff the magic dragon lived by the bitch."

DH & Me: *snicker* "T-Rex that is not" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I'm telling you, the kid kept the right rhythm and everything.  I laughed so hard I cried, which of course, made it worse, and T-Rex kept singing it.  We finally got ourselves somewhat under control and told him that "bitch" was an unacceptable word and that it was not only the wrong word for the song completely, but that if he said it again, he would be getting hot sauce in his mouth.  So far, the threat is holding…  Damned if I didn't feel like a giant ass hat for laughing, but the timing and just the way it flew so flawlessly from his mouth just made me let loose.  And hey, DH laughed, too, dammit!  *sigh*  I'm snickering just thinking about it…  Good thing T-Rex has no idea why I am laughing right now.  🙂

*Day 53: I am grateful for the comic relief my children provide, even when they're the cause of my stress to begin with.  I love those freakin' kids!