DH and I had our taxes done today.  I was banking on about $7500.00 in returns – which is what we got last year.  This year we made a little less, but I figured that was a safe bet.  But, 2 days ago, there was a news article that said the first time homebuyer's tax credit was being extended to the first of the year…  Meaning our home purchase now qualified us for an additional $7500.00.  We were stoked…  And then we get into the office today to find out that was just a tease of a rumor and no, we didn't make the deadline.  In fact, we missed it by 2 weeks.  2 fucking weeks…  So because we didn't buy our house 2 weeks later because we HAD to close before DH deployed, we're not getting the additional $7500.00…  We can't pay off the second credit card that got maxxed out fixing DH's car and paying property taxes on both cars.  We can't put anything into our non-existent savings account.  We will continue to pay 14.99% (because, oh yeah, our interest rate went up from 7.99% again because we've been so close to our limit for a few months now!) on a $5200.00 balance…  Yeah!

I'm pretty disgusted.  It should include the tax year, not some randomly selected months.  If you decide to buy a house tomorrow, or next month, you'll get the credit if it's your first home, too.  So while we didn't buy a house we couldn't afford and default on our mortgage in hopes of a share of the Fannie Mae funds, we're not qualifying for the credit that's intended to "help first time home buyers."  Good fucking call, Big Brother!

*Day 45:  I am grateful for a husband who is more level headed than I am.  I have been fighting tears all morning, and all he can see is the $7500.00 silver lining we are still getting.  I wish I could be more like that…