Obama is saying Republicans are playing games by not voting for his stimulus plan…  Perhaps it is because they, like myself and many other concerned citizens, have questions.  One question – how is giving NASA some couple hundred millions going to help my family or the economy in general?  Is space exploration, which is what it is "marked" for, really going to help me day to day?  There is $255 million marked for a polar ice breaker and other Coast Guard "priority procurements"…  We have Navy leftovers, so perhaps that's a good call, but why isn't it part of Homeland Security spending to begin with?  Why do we have the money now, but not before?  Is Obama even aware how much it costs to commission a new cutter?  What will be left over to truly spend after that ice breaker is commissioned?  Will it be a new cutter or another revamped Navy boat?  If you're going to be spending money that my children and I will, one way or another, one day or another, have to repay, I'd like to know how, where, and why it's being spent.  If you say it's going to help me, shouldn't I get some say in that process?  I have been poring over the internet trying to figure out the breakdown of this $800+ billion dollar bailout and have yet to find more than a few things in particular – like the NASA chunk, and the Coast Guard chunk.  I chose those two because one seems frivolous and one seems warranted; I'm trying to show that I am not completely against it, but that I would like more solid facts.  Perhaps the NASA spending wasn't explained appropriately and it's going to fund part of a Department of Defense contract.  Perhaps the Coast Guard chunk is really going to go o good use for fleet updating.  The bottom line: I don't know, and I don't like that.  Spending hundreds of millions of dollars of government money, which ultimately means taxpayer money, without a damn good detailed explanation ain't alright with me…  But I suppose that's one of the things that keeps me on the Republican side of politics.  :-) 

*Day 43: I am grateful for finding another gluten-free cereal that I actually like!  EnviroKids Peanut Butter Puffs are actually pretty damn tasty and hold up amazingly well in milk, without being all rock-hard!  Woot woot!