Whew!  It's been a while!  I am not used to going 3-4 days without blogging.  I had this persistent, nagging feeling that I was forgetting something and then, someone said something along the lines of, "I know.  I try to keep up with your through your blog, but you've gone dark for a bit."  Well crap!  So here I am, updating away.  đŸ™‚

I had a very long birth at the end of the week.  I left on the afternoon of the 5th and didn't return until the afternoon of the 6th.  It was a great birth, just a long one.  The day I left for that birth, I also had my glucose test, a visit with my chiropractor (hallelujah!), and my mom took the boys so DH and I could catch up on some much-needed sleep.  The glucose test went well.  I actually got a better number than I ever have before!  The midwives think I am just hemodynamically challenged, and will continue to pass out at random until I am no longer pregnant, or until my body remembers how in the hell to properly circulate blood when I decide to do more than sit still.  The chiro visit was, as usual, pretty awesome and I am very glad that I am going today because standing on a tile floor for 18+ hours has really done a number on me and I am quite sore. 

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their time with their Mammy, and of course, slept like angels while they were with her.  *sigh*  Oh well.  I was able to sleep for about 12 hours Friday night, so that was definitely cool.

This week is busy, busy, busy.  I am washing all the newborn clothes today and getting them all put away so that 1.) I don't forget until the last minute, 2.) it's not overwhelming later on, and 3.) because I am nesting like mad, and because I am a Type A, it's about all that is left to do aside from install a car seat, but that's easy because we don't have one yet.  Whew!  I have the chiro visit today, and at some point this week, I need to get out and get a card for Cupid Day for DH.  We don't really make a big deal out of V-Day in our house, but some small gesture would be good.  I wanted to go to the Y for the first time today, too, but I don't think my hips would appreciate it until after they're put back into place.  I will save that for tomorrow…

Oy vay.  It's not even noon and I am worn out!  Good grief!

*Day 42: I am grateful for Unisom and cooperative babies who don't decide to initiate labor on the nights I seem to need sleep the most!