I had this great post, and then…  My computer decided to eat it.  I can't even retrieve it from TypePad because my computer decides to crash again with each attempt.  So, now you get the bulleted run-down.

  • We found furniture for Kili's room.  $700.00 for all-wood, pink and white, headboard (which she won't be using for some time), bureau with mirror, dresser, and night stand.  Really nice set and way more economical and long-term oriented than any of the "baby furniture that grows with your baby!" we were looking at.
  • We joined the YMCA at a discounted monthly rate.  Swim lessons for the boys this Summer, a possible day-camp for Mega, physical fitness for me after Kili's birth, and Family Yoga for all of us.  Woot!
  • Mega is out of school for the rest of the year.  We're taking a new approach with T-Rex in an attempt to tame the beast he has become, and it appears as though he needs to be napping by 12-12:30, and we'd need to leave to pick up Mega Man around 12:40.  The morning class is full, so he's stuck.  I will try again to work with him at home during T-Rex's nap, but that's just that much less time I have for other things like cleaning and laundry… 
  • Business continues to be so good that I am now turning clients away.  I had three people contact me between mid and late January – I took one and referred the other two out.  I have had 3 inquires this month, all of whom I referred out for conflicting due dates and just being downright ready for my "maternity leave."
  • I got my hair done.  Fabulous friends, have I.
  • January 2009 009 
  • As promised, I am trying to be better about pictures.  Here's me at 27 weeks and 3 days.
  • 27 weeks 3 days 

*Day 41: I am grateful for a marriage strong enough to withstand some not-so-great days without either party turning to alcohol or something else…  🙂