I was up for just over an hour last night…  Dry heaving.  I asked DH to get me a Zofran as soon as I woke up.  I felt like the room was spinning, my heart was racing, I was freezing cold, but covered in sweat, and I had that oh-so-lovely feeling that I was going to up-chuck Exorcist style at any minute.  I got the Zofran in (woo-hoo for orally disintigrating tablets!!!) and started dry heaving like mad.  DH is so rad.  I don't really remember, but I have a fuzzy recollection of him half carrying, half dragging me to the bathroom and helping me get situated in the event of spewage. 

I vaguely remember him calling the midwives for me, just to make sure there wasn't anything else we could/should be doing.  I've never had food poisoning while pregnant, so I wanted to make sure I'd covered my bases.  By this morning, I felt pretty horrible.  I'm not typically the type to feel better after vomiting, but this morning, after about 30 minutes hugging the porcelain throne, I did feel a tiny bit better.  I've had nothing but chicken broth and Jell-O all day, but I am ravenous now.  Part of me says, "Screw it!  Eat!  If you throw up, you throw up!" but the other part of me cheerfully chimes in that I am a convulsive vomiter and that I've given myself quite a nice goose egg on more than one ocassion from slamming my head into the toilet or into the wall behind me.  So throwing up not only hurts my stomach, throat, and mouth, but usually results in another injury, as well.  So, I'm going down a middle road and trying some Quinoa elbows with mild sauce…  Not spaghetti or anything, but something filling and not totally acid-laden in case I have to see it again.

Food poisoning blows!!!  And DH, well, he basically rocks and is hard core and I totally owe him, but at least I didn't throw up on him.  🙂

*Day 38: I am grateful my husband was willing to get up in the middle of the night to care for me.  He even got me a scrunchie so I wouldn't throw up in my hair.