Mega Man and T-Rex are on modified schedules for receiving their vaccines. At this point, neither have been given the Hepatitis B vaccine.  When they were born, that vaccine was still optional.  After doing my research and learning that 3 more children died than were saved, the benefits didn't outweigh the risks, and we made our decision not to get that particular vaccine.  Though it has now become mandatory, we have gone through all the hoops to get the appropriate waivers, etc.  So now here's where I am stuck…  I'd like Kili to be completely unvaccinated.  I still haven't found compelling proof that the vaccines are worth it.  If you use the CDC's Wonder Table, you'll see a trend: for every child saved by a vaccine, another died as a direct result of receiving the vaccine.  If the odds are equal for both sides, why is my decision to skip the vaccine such a big deal?  It seems as though parents of vaccinated children think I am putting their kids at risk, too.  How does that work?  If your kid has a vaccine against a bug my kid is carrying, how is SHE the risk factor?  If the vaccine does what you're banking on it to do, what are you worried about?  I do understand the risk to our children outside the country.  However, should we choose to leave the country with them, or they choose to travel later on, they can decide from there what to do.  So what's the big deal?  I don't want the fact that my boys are on a delayed vaccination schedule and my daughter may not be vaccinated at all be a dirty little secret…  So seriously…  What's the big deal?

*Day 37: I am grateful our pediatrician actually believes in informed consent and has provided various resources supporting both sides that allow us to arrive at our own conclusions.