I haven't been sleeping well lately.  I thought it was mostly bodily discomfort that comes with the pregnant territory, but after the second night, I knew it wasn't just that, or even mostly that.  Then it finally hit me: I'm starving.  My stomach is cramping because it's empty.  Oops…

     I tried eating more throughout the day, but lo and behold, there is very little that's gluten free that 1.) I like, and 2.) I can afford.  I am already beginning to tire of fresh veggies, and even those seem to create so gastrointestinal disturbances if I eat them all day…  Potatoes and rice are my main carbohydrate/starch components.  While there are certainly a great many things you can do to/with rice and potatoes, overall, I am still bored.  I want penne and alfredo sauce.  I want macaroni and cheese that's not $4.00 per box, or that won't take me 30+ minutes to make a single serving.  I want friggin' Hampburger Helper for crying out loud! 

     So I am trying very, very hard to eat even though the food itself holds no interest whatsoever for me.  For lunch, I had a couple of thin slices from a pork tenderloin, som sauerkraut (MMM!!!) and enticed myself to eat all the pork with the idea of cheese balls (Utz has some GREAT potato chip-type snacks that are gluten-free by nature!).  I think I ate more cheese balls than 'kraut.  Oh well.

     Now off I go to pee and chug even more water!  Woot woot!

*Day 32: I am thankful for snack foods.  Isn't that self explanatory?  LOL