Today was one of those days when I totally wish I was a Jedi.  Mega had a meltdown when I told him he could finally return to school, and after 2 hours of talking and trying to figure out if there was a good reason he didn't want to go, and reminding him how much fun he always has, he finally "agreed" go.  Too bad there were no car seats in the car, so I had to nix all that positive reinforcement.  THAT was super.  See, if I were a Jedi, I'd use the Force to keep us all safe on the drive to school, and make us seem inconsequential to cops.  "These aren't the droids you're looking for.  You can go about your business," sort of deal.

T-Rex went in Monday because he started to exhibit the signs and symptoms Mega did – irritability and red, itchy eyes.  Sure enough, he has the same ear-and-eye infection Mega had.  He started the day at 6:02, and not pleasantly.  He came wailing like a banshee into my room, and he said something really funny, but I can't remember what it was now…  It was early.  See, right there, I would have used my Jedi mind powers to placate him and put him back to sleep…  However, since I didn't have them, I had no choice but to snuggle him and rock him back to sleep.  Of course, that left me in a very uncomfortable position in my bed, and my other little octopus, other known as Mega Man) was already passed out, taking up the majority of the space on the lower half of the bed.  So I waited, in agonizing discomfort, while T-Rex really fell asleep and laid him down next to me.  I finally got back to sleep around 7:15, and we all slept for another hour.  Not horrible, but certainly not ideal.  The rest of the day, T-Rex spent yelling in this crotchety old man voice, making me repeat myself a million times to complete the simplest of tasks.  If I were a damn Jedi, I'd have put a force field in the play room door so they couldn't come out…  I'd have force-fielded the walls and fireplace, too, so they couldn't hurt themselves, but I could have some damn peace!

Secretly though, I really wanna be a Jedi just so I can wear cool costumes and carry a light saber.  I embrace my dork-dom.  Whatever…

*Day 27: I am grateful we have health care.  Though I may very well have a star next to my name for all the times I have called to has things out, or fight for better coverage, we are, overall, well cared for.  Even with our deductible, we have been able to get our health care needs met without breaking the bank, and I know we're definitely among the more fortunate on that end.