• Mega has had his first reaction to a drug.  Surprise, surprise, it was amoxicillin.  He got hives that covered his body and made him itch like crazy, and had to be dragged back to the doc's office for a different script.  He now can no longer take any -cillin drugs, just like his momma.
  • I am currently looking for website hosts for two different websites.  More on that as I know more about each project, but I will say I was highly flattered to be thought of for either undertaking.
  • Tomorrow is my husband's birthday.  I put together a surprise gathering only to have it ruined by a family member's inconvenient timing. 
  • My husband, upon trying to take Mega to the hospital, "remembered" that his key to the van was in the car I was driving, despite me asking him twice if he had what he needed out of the car, and even his own peeking into the center console where said key was resting.  I then had to turn around and fight rush hour traffic to get back home (about 15 miles) from the beach, just to turn around and go back to the exact same office for a meeting.
  • Kili is transverse.  She proved today that she can flip, just that she doesn't want to.  We will keep an eye on that.
  • Other prenatal stuff: finally back to pre-pregnancy weight of 150, BP was 108/80 (high for me, closer to the norm they keep hoping to see), trace protein spillage, no cause for concerns.  WOOT!!!
  • Decided that right now, money is evil and I will think no more on it.
  • VOILA!

*Day 26:  I am grateful for access to midwifery care!