We went somewhere today which required weight, height, and blood iron counts.  Both boys are a bit on the small side (25th percentile for weight and height on both boys), but neither are anemic.  I, on the other hand, am anemic (even for pregnancy) and am considered "morbidly obese" even for pregnancy.  Isn't that just swell?!  Do you know how happy I was to hear that?!  What made it even better is that they're still "concerned" about my weight because I am still below pre-pregnancy weight…  Um, hello?  If I haven'st lost a dramatic amount, and I was morbidly obese anyway, why should a few pounds matter?  Now I have to go back and be weighed and re-stuck to make sure I am "progressing adequately."  What a crock.

Aside from those nasty two little words, I have had a wonderful day.  I saw a chiropracter for the very first time and unlike what I expected ("Just stand up straight!"), I actually got a very wonderful, thorough exam and was adjusted for the first time.  My range of motion is almost non-existent.  One set o numbers I remember specifically: you should be able to turn you head right and left 40 degrees in either direction.  On the right side, I can do 30 degrees before I feel pain.  On the left, a mere 20 degrees.  My head tilting ability is comparable.  My ability to lean back is laughable.  My weight distribution is about 70/30, with the most weight being carried on my right side.  My shoulders are really uneven – again, favoring the right side.  The goal is to get to a point where I'd only have to go in two-three times a year, but for now, the doc would like to see me a few times every week…  Between the changes pregnancy brings and my entire body being so out of whack, he feels that would be best.  I trust his judgment – he's married to someone I admire very much as a professional, and she's always been very kind and forthcoming with me.  Right now, there is no way DH and I could afford that (military insurance covers NO kind of chiropractic care, even if you've been in a car accident, have a chronic condition like scoliosis, etc.), but the doc said more than once he was very willing to work with us to make it affordable because it is going to get worse…  I know that much is true.  After T-Rex was born, my back pain and frequency of headaches increased probably 8 to 10 fold.  By the time I go to bed every night, I am more or less ready to cry.  Even laying down doesn't help much because it seems like I find a pressure point or sore spot no matter which position I lay in.  

So yeah…  I go back Monday and I am going to do whatever I can to make it financially feasible.  I've had back pain for as long as I can remember, and for abotu a year before I had Mega, I remember having more and more hip, leg, and neck pain.  I chalked it up to working long hours in a warehouse, lifting the wrong way (with my back and not my legs, etc.), and not eating properly.  After the boys were born, the pain became an every day thing.  Some days, it isn't as bad as others.  Some days I neither want to get out of bed, nor back into bed.  But no matter what, I couldn't think of anything to blame it on.  Before, I had been lugging around 40+ pounds of dry dog food, 50+ boxes of dog crates, walking, standing, or jogging all day on cement floors.  Now I am just home, caring for my children, and it's worse…  Clearly, something is rotten in my body.  I have noticed, even as I sit here, I am sitting almost straight.  I am still leaned forward slightly, but I am not balled up the way I usually am!  It doesn't even hurt!  If I sit up straight any other time, my back send screaming lasers up and down my spine, and sometimes even into my legs.  Right now, I feel like I'm a couple inches taller and it's mah-veh-lous!  If I can see results like this every day I go, I'll take a personal loan to continue to see the good doc!  Woo-hoo!     

*Day 22:  I am grateful for my circle of professional friends, acquaintances, and contacts.  It's always nice to know other folks in related fields!!