I finished this quite a while ago, but being in the faith-related predicament I am in, I thought it best to choose my words carefully.

Basically, I gave the book 3 stars.  Once again, I threw up the walls as soon as I knew what it was about, so bear that in mind.  I did appreciate the way the Trinity was represented.  I've never heard or seen it described that way, and I think had that description been used earlier in my life, I'd have understood and accepted more, even if I still challenged it later.

I also liked the simplicity of the entire story.  Unlike the many times I have attempted, and the few times I have succeeded in reading the Bible, I didn't get all confuzzled.  I did have to re-read some ideas presented by the book, but nothing absolutely mind-boggling.  For one, it's a work of fiction, and therefore, just one man's idea about G-d.  For another, unlike the Bible, I didn't feel like I was going straight to Hell if I didn't unquestioningly accept every word within.

Finally, I liked it's whole deal about relationships.  That, at least, was something that I did try very hard to pay attention to.  Just yesterday, I tried very hard to put all my bullshit (it's probably totally wrong to use that word in a post centered mostly around G-d, but I'm totally damned anyway, so…) aside and just be present in the moment.  I tried very hard just to enjoy the day, my husband, my kids, and every little thing.  It sucks that I had to try, but practice makes perfect, right?  I've never claimed to be good at the whole relationship thing, anyway.  Being someone who is bad at being alone doesn't mean I am good in a relationship.  I'm actually quite a pain in the ass, and I'll be the first to admit it.  I'm a terrible best friend, a very selfish wife, and sometimes, a very adamant, demanding mother.  Basically, none of my relationships escapes unharmed by me.  So yeah, I could at least look at those aspects of the book and try to take something positive away…

I can't really pinpoint what I didn't like.  I guess one very simple thing, really: that G-d just chose to come down a rescue someone.  Perhaps it is simple resentment: well, if G-d can save that guy, why not me?  I get that G-d loves us even when we don't love G-d (supposedly), but I also get the guy in the book: How can You love me when I've damned You and shut You out for so long?  How can You continue to love someone who clearly has no interest in Your love?

*sigh* So read it.  Even if you're not a Christian, it's an entertaining portrayal of G-d, Jesus, and the Spirit.

*Day 21: I'm grateful that I live in a country in which I can question my faith.  I don't even have to have any!  No one will stone me in the streets or carry me away, never to be seen or heard from again.  Seperation of church and state, for the most part, RULES!