Success: Roasting cornish game hens.  Though they took half an hour longer than anticipated, they were mighty tasty.

Failure: Because game hens took longer, my perfect timing was not-so-perfect and every food item EXCEPT the game hens were ready at the same time.

Success: Seeing the boys open presents and play with each and every little thing, even sharing!

Failure: Forgetting to buy stocking stuffers.  In all fairness, I didn't forget.  I remembered a while back, made a trip to Toys R' Us and Target, and couldn't find anything I thought was worthwhile without spending another $30.00+ to fill the stocking, so I said I'd come back and try again later.  Later turned into: we don't have money for gas or power, let alone anything else!

Success: Laying out cute outfits and despite the 1/2 hour set back, finishing dinner in time to make it to church on Christmas Eve.

Failure: T-Rex didn't STOP crying after he woke up from his nap, so we didn't venture to the other side of the water for church.

Success: Making an entirely gluten-free meal that everyone enjoyed, even though we couldn't find artichokes for the game hens, and the green bean casserole was a teenty bit off.

Failure: Waking up the day after Christmas feeling like steam-rolled ass, and having to re-schedule a client meeting…  I absolutely hate doing that…  And, because of it, DH isn't going hunting, either…  Not to mention we don't have the money for him to use 1/2 – 3/4 tank of gas getting to and from, but still…

Whew…  So, the holidays are over.  New Year's Eve isn't really a big thing in our house, so it gets glossed over, for the most part.  DH's birthday is January 10th and he's said repeatedly he wants only an awesome meal that I enjoyed making.  Since we have not the funds to do much else, that is exactly what I will do.  I have no idea what I shall make, but I am sure I can find something…  And now, I am going back to bed.  I got up to search for a few things on-line (gluten-free products because, once again, I am so very tired of rotating the same 12-15 food items!) and see if I could stay up for a bit now that I've taken my Zofran, but alas, I am back to feeling rather horrid, so I shall crawl back to my cave bedroom and hide under the covers.

*Day 17: Today I am grateful that the utilities are all on…  Let's leave it at that.