DH is on stand down for the next week.  Since my last attempt to potty train T-Rex failed miserably, I told DH that this time around, it's his turn.  I potty trained Mega alone while DH was deployed and T-Rex was about 6-7 months old.  He's already got it easier – I'll be here to entertain Mega while he focuses on running with a peeing toddler to el bano.  I am hoping that it sticks in his head this time since he will have a parent devoted and totally committed to helping him "get it".  I have made up my mind that if he needs a Pull-Up at night, I am okay with that.  He IS younger than Mega and Mega had been showing several readiness signs pretty consistently for a few months, whereas T-Rex has them on and off, and usually only one or two signs at a time.  We have to get back into the habit of no drinks 2.5 hours before bed, too…  So, wish us luck!  That is how we will be spending our Christmas week – getting up close and personal with the steam cleaner, I am sure!  So far, T-Rex hasn't pooped in the potty, but he's 75% consistent with peeing.  He wet the bed this morning, but like I said, if he needs a Pull-Up or something at night, I am okay with that.  GOOOOO T-REX!!!!

*Pictures from yesterday's cookie exchange can now be found here.  Any other holiday photos will also be uploaded to this album.

*Day 13: I am grateful for holiday routines!  DH is finally home for a few days!  We're going to do fun family things like play board games with the kids, bake cookies, and watch sappy Christmas movies.  STELLAR!!!