Somehow, I managed to spend almost $300.00 at the commissary, and still coming home 13 items short from our list…  Having spent double what I budgeted has put us into a tail spin…  Add to that 3 automatic payments (one for this blog, which is about to be history!) that went through and pushed our credit card back over the limited, and you can probably guess that a lot of F-Bombs have been dropped at Casa de Mental today.  The savings we were not supposed to touch went from $1500.00 to below $1000.00…  and I have no one to blame but myself.  I get so damn excited, and I just want to shop.  WTF?  I know it makes no sense – I'm depressed about money, but retail therapy will make it better?  I am such a fucktard sometimes!  So right now, I am taking a break from looking at the numbers because if I look at another red number, I might go cross-eyed.  I think I've got it figured out, it's just that we will literally not have one cent left over after bills and food each pay day.  Fun stuff!

*Day 7: I am grateful that we've not missed a mortgage payment.