I bought my ticket over the weekend.  I am officially going to attend my best friend's wedding next May!  Woot!  I had been perusing the various travel sites, but the best I could find was over $400.00 for a round trip ticket.  On a hunch, my buddy checked them out and found them for $217.00!!!  How could I pass that up?!  So, I bought my ticket…  It would be great if DH could get word on whether or not his leave is approved so he could go, too, but his effing chain of command is dragging their feet something fierce.  He has over 85 days of leave on the books, but they won't just tell him whether or not he can have a week, even though he's been asking for almost 6 months now.  You'd think a year in advance they could just give it to him…  Buttheads. 

I als sat down and planned my Christmas dinner menu.  I am not a turkey fan, and ham really isn't the boys' thing, so I decided to try something new: Cornish Game Hens with Artichokes and Potatoes.  We'll also have collard greens, butternut squash, brown-sugar glazed carrots, banana bread, spiced bundt cake, and devilled eggs…  I hope it turns out well!

*Day 6: I am grateful for interest-bearing (however little) savings accounts, and the ability to stash a teeny amount into them once in a blue moon.